Ghost Hunt And Historical Tour

Join our Historian on this unforgettable journey taking you through almost 300 years of the estates history. This tour through history will take you back to before Gettysburg was founded and how this property is related to the founding family that settled marsh creek which later became known as Gettysburg, You will learn about it’s use as an encampment for the confederate army, a field hospital during the civil war and about a 17 year old boy that was held prisoner. You will also learn about this properties exciting future. During this event you will be investigating the 3,100 sq.ft lodge and cellar, the servants quarters/blacksmith shop, and where a swimming pool was backfilled using dirt from the battlefield that had busted headstones accidentally mixed in it during renovations. You will have the opportunity to use paranormal investigative equipment, as seen on tv, with an instructor and later on your own during the free roam part of the investigation. 


Starting at $45.00

Event open to

All ages. Minors must be accompanied by an adult.

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We believe in the power of intimate and immersive experiences. To enhance your interaction with the guide and foster a sense of camaraderie among fellow history and paranormal enthusiasts, we keep our tour groups small. This allows for personalized attention and the opportunity to delve deeper into the historical and paranormal context. We go beyond the surface to offer authentic experiences.


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